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Our team

 When you choose to tour the Middle East for pleasure or business, we provide you with a qualified tourist guide.

Our team at Milan Tours is highly professional. They are trained, examined and qualified with highly acclaimed awards. Most of them have further professional, academic and other specialist qualifications to further illuminate your tours.
Besides being professionally trained, our tourist guides do not only provide you with a memorable tour, but also take the responsibility of your safety and security. This quality bespoke to our team at Milan Tours adds a personal touch to our travel organisation. Our tourist guides come with rich experience of many years and good temperament to deal calmly in the most turbulent of situations. You will not be rushed in through your tour in a military fashion, but you will have every opportunity to make the most of every moment and treasure the experience for life.
Friendly and humorous, out tourist guides have always been much loved by all our customers. We are proud with the excellent feedback and reviews that we have received for over a decade now. This brilliant feedback has helped us grow in many ways.
We, at Milan Tours provide a number of tours as examples on our site, but we can completely customize to suit your needs.
We also cover many different languages. Between them, our guides speak forty different languages from around the world. Being toured around an unfamiliar place with a guide who speaks your native language can surely make you feel at ease. You can enjoy your holiday or business trip in the best way possible.
Besides our tourist guides, our administrative and customer centered staff are highly experienced and efficient. They work hard all day and night to provide you with a bespoke holiday and have all arrangements sorted for you.